From the Ugly Side

Appeared March 31, 2017

My instructor-led training story is one of success. I attended a relatively inexpensive tree-grafting course and am much better off because of it but this is not always the case.

A few years ago, I attended an electronic court filing course held by one of the largest and most active court districts in the country. The host was the Clerk of the Court, an elected official. There were a few hundred big law attendees awaiting this new filing system after wading through several weeks of hype.

The training was very unpleasant. Several features failed to work in the filing system and the instructors, the Clerk of the Court and staff, read all PowerPoint slides to the audience, verbatim. The instructors were ill-equipped to answer most questions and the audience departed with a sense of dread and disbelief.

When I reflect upon unfortunate scenarios like this, I can understand the push to develop what seems to be nearly instructor-less training, and for good reason. However, I urge you to consider that any training can be less than what it should be, whether that training comes from a book, video, or application, just as the grafting training I received from a book and videos were insufficient.

Maybe the takeaway from all of this is…with an instructor you can be left with a feeling of accomplishment and readiness or feel lost and defeated. Without an instructor, you may have no gauge at all or a false one.