5 Ways To Combat Stale Content

Any professional marketer will tell you, “Content is King” but what about when your content has gone south? Content consumers would say there is nothing worse than irrelevant content. With that in mind, it may be time to take a look at your training content and spruce it up a bit. Here are 5 tips to help you out:

motorolacellphone15. Update any content with outdated graphics

So, you have dozens of presentations with great ideas that are still relevant but they are filled with outdated cheesy clipart or photographs from the 80s with big shoulder pads.  Update the presentations right away, and I do mean, right away.  The obvious appearance of outdated content is a big turnoff. If your audience actually ventures to finish viewing the presentation, it will only be to make fun of it.

windows14. Rework content referring to outdated versions of application

Are the bones of your training handouts still relevant but they refer to Excel version 3.0? Update your handouts, right away. Passing out handouts with outdated versioning ensures the material will quickly find its way to the trash heap.


3. Check the color wheel

Does your content make use of an outdated or obnoxious color theme? Think, red text on a green background and vice-versa.  It’s time for a change. Before picking your next color theme, research designing with color or just take a look at the color wheel. Pick colors directly across from one another on the color wheel. These are complimentary colors. You can also pick colors directly next to one another on the color wheel. These are analogous colors.

2. Double-check your screenshots

Check the create date for your content. Is it several years old? Double-check your screenshots. Chances are they are several years old, too and may not be relevant. Your screenshots should accurately reflect and/or compliment your text. By the way, get rid of tiny screenshots, too. If you use a screenshot in your content, may it big enough to see, comfortably.

1. Triple-check your text

While reviewing your content, you may find that you need to make update any of the above, you should take the extra step to check your text. Read it, get another person to read it. Fix it and then read it again. Nothing is worse than instructions that don’t make sense or that you can’t follow along with.


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